About AMS
AMS was founded by Dr. Eli Konorti who has over 25 years of business and consulting experience. If you are looking for a practitioner who has “been there and done it”, AMS is the right firm for you. AMS believes in hands-on management and hands-on service – the consultant who sells the engagement does the work. AMS does not leverage our business by delegating the bulk of the project to juniors because AMS has no juniors. Instead, when necessary, AMS draws on a pool of similarly experienced senior associates.

About Eli:

Eli brings 20 years of consulting experience and nine years experience as a CEO and business owner. He is a senior- level consultant experienced in all aspects of planning and implementing simple to complex solutions in both the private and public sectors. His many accomplishments are well recognized by the business community and in the public sector. His experience covers sectors such as Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution, Forestry, Municipal and Provincial Government, to name a few.



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